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How Does Staging my Home Help Sell?

It is crucial to have some tools to set your home apart from every other house on the market. Home staging is one of those tools.

Home staging helps you appeal to your target market by removing clutter and arranging furniture to show the home’s best features and creating curb appeal. It does not have to be expensive to stage your home for a quicker sale. In fact, most home staging costs less than the average first price reduction.

Start by staging the outside of your home to create curb appeal. Inside staging will have no effect if the buyers don’t leave their car–a decision that is made within seconds. By placing potted flowers and having a well-maintained front yard, buyers will be motivated to see if the inside of the house is as appealing as the outside – even if that means leaving an air-conditioned car in 100 degree heat! Additionally, a seasonal wreath on a freshly painted door will help make a positive first impression.

Once inside, it only takes a buyer about 15 seconds to decide if they like a home. You can dramatically improve your chances of getting past that 15 seconds by removing any and all clutter. The buyers’ definition of clutter is anything they see that doesn’t relate to them.

Every home has its target market. Stage the home to portray that lifestyle- for a family, set up a game in the living room; empty-nesters, a cocktail tray. An empty room is immediately friendlier with baby shoes and a crib purchased from a thrift store.

The kitchen is extremely important. Replace all countertop appliances, which suggest work, with a bowl of fresh fruit or flowers.

In the master bedroom the bed is the focal point. Try putting a plush duvet and soft decorative pillows with an appealing breakfast tray on the bed. A luxurious fabric placed over a corner table with candles will convey a sense of romance by invoking the feel of a resort. This continues into the master bathroom by removing all items that speak of daily humdrum routines: toothpaste, hairspray, used soap, etc. Feature thick towels that coordinate with the bed coverings, expensive-looking soap and a vase with fresh flowers.

Most important, create a memory for house hunters. After seeing several homes at the end of the day, you want them to say, “Remember the home that had the china and silver set up in the dining room?”

The idea is for buyers to feel this home has been loved and well maintained.